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Posted on August 20th, 2022

Did you know you can book a FACE to FACE appointment with any of our clinicians?
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A question we often get asked is can I actually see a doctor face to face rather than a telephone call?
The simple answer to this question is YES you can see a doctor face to face.
  • About 60% of our appointments are face to face and 40% are telephone calls.
  • 30% of our appointments with either Drs, Nurses or additional staff are DIRECT FACE TO FACE APPOINTMENTS which can be booked with reception.
  • Another 30% of our appointments are FACE TO FACE ALSO but they will be booked by clinicians following a phone call.
  • 40% of our phone calls are telephone calls which are either bookable on the day or bookable in advance.
Portcullis, like other practices, employed a telephone first system at the height of the pandemic however we are proud to say that we have never stopped offering face-to-face appointments or home visits and have maintained most services throughout the pandemic; including phlebotomy, ear irrigation, baby clinics, minor surgery and family planning. In some cases we have expanded services that were not so easily available before such as evening appointments, appointments with a counsellor, physiotherapist, pharmacist, microsuction service, and now a mental health practitioner.
What are your waiting times like? Are they very long?
  • Waiting times for a DIRECT face to face appointment are about 1-3 weeks depending on the clinician.
  • Waiting times for a non-urgent Telephone call are about 1-3 weeks depending on the clinician.
  • If your problem is URGENT there is NO WAITING TIME we will call you back that day and arrange to see you if urgent usually on the day.
So how do I book an appointment?
  • Email reception on portcullis.surgery@nhs.net OR
  • use THE NHS APP TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT (see below for email links)
  • OR call reception after 2pm on 01584 872939 . (see below for links to the website)
  • https://portcullis-surgery.co.uk/how-can-i-book-an-appointment/
We will normally answer your email within 48 hours (2 working days) after receiving your request. e.g If you send us an email on a Saturday and there is a bank holiday on the Monday we may not answer your email until the end of Wednesday (2 working days).
If you have an urgent problem (that is not life-threatening) ALWAYS CALL the practice ON 01584 872939
Please call early in the morning if you need an “urgent” book on the day appointment.
You may be asked what the appointment is for by the receptionist in order to guide you to the most appropriate clinician.
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