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Booking appointments for the Ludlow Mascall Centre

Walk through Vaccinations at the Mascall Centre

The Ludlow Mascall Centre has now been approved as a vaccination site for our patients as it offers us much better free car parking facilities as well as larger rooms to assist with social distancing. We will carry out the majority of our practice (Portcullis) vaccinations from this site as this allows us to offer covid vaccination during weekdays without impacting on the practice workload.

We would like to thank the Mascal Centre for their enthusiasm and support.

Mascall Centre link: https://www.ludlowmascallcentre.co.uk/


How do I book an appointment?

We will send you a text you on your mobile and you will be asked to book online on our Accurx System.

If you are concerned that we do not have a mobile number for you please complete a return through our website and we will up date your records.

UPDATE YOUR DETAILS so we can communicate better with you by phone, email or text.

If you do not have a mobile phone DO NOT worry a receptionist will call you.

Please understand that we may need to cancel and re-book your vaccination appointment at short notice if despite confirmed delivery dates, there is a hold-up with the weekly delivery of vaccine or we don’t get as much as expect. This is a national problem and out of our hands. If that is the case, we shall always contact you and offer you another appointment.

Accurx System of Booking

For some time now we have been using a system called Accurx. It is a trusted site and is being used by GPs all over the Country. You may have already received personal texts from the GP, Nurse or admin team as well as questionnaires to help us to monitor you health.
We are very excited that Accurx has launched a booking system where you can book your Covid 19 vaccination through a link from a text. This has also been tested up and down the Country and is proved to be a safe and reliable resource to keep our phone lines free for patients who are unwell.
We will be sending these text messages out to patients to book an appt for a Covid Vaccine at the Ludlow Mascall Centre.
Priority patients for the Ludlow Mascall Centre are

1. Patients who have an EpiPen or a history of severe anaphylactic reactions

2.  Patients who are shielded or extremely frail or clinically at risk

3. Patients who have a severe learning disability.

4. Patients who suffer from severe agoraphobia or any other severe mental illness which would not allow them to get to Church Stretton.

5. Patients who are housebound but can make it to the Mascall Centre 

6. Patients who have insurmountable difficulties getting to Church Stretton or to the Ludlow Race Course.

Please be reassured that these texts are not scams and that we have sent them in order to get you all booked in as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Below are some pictures of what you can expect to see.
The text will be from GP Surgery
This is what it will say
When you click on the link this is what you will see

Opening Times

  • Monday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    6-8pm Pre-booked appointments only.Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Tuesday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    6-8pm Pre-booked appointments only.Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Wednesday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    6-8pm Pre-booked appointments only.Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Thursday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Friday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    Open 1-2 Fridays a month. 6-8pm Pre-booked appointments only.Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    Call 111 for advice OOH
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