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FLU VACCINATION PROGRAM 2020/2021 (update 19.9.2020)



Thankyou for your patience. We now have confirmed supplies from the government in order to offer you the free NHS Flu vaccine this year for all 50-64 year olds.

We are opening on Saturday 12th December from 8.30am at the practice in order to offer you this free flu jab for a BOOKED APPOINTMENT CLINIC, SO YOU NEED TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE OR BY CALLING THE PRACTICE.

We would like to thank our amazing team of nurses, admin staff and volunteers for offering to work extra in order to carry out this additional flu campaign in this unprecedented year.

We would highly recommend our patients that you avoid the queue on the telephone by booking your appointment online on Patient Access


Alternatively call the practice on 01584872939 anyday AFTER 1.30PM.

The Outdoor Tent will be coming down in December: Flu vaccines on 30th of November will be still carried out in the tent, the flu campaign for the 50-64 year old groups will be delivered at the practice with a walk-through one way system.



Who is eligible for the flu and can go ahead and book an appointment for the flu jab?

  • All those aged 65 years or over (including those who become 65 by 31 March 2021)
  • Pregnant women (including those who become pregnant during the flu season)
  • Anyone who is the main household carer for an elderly or disabled person, although not an employee.
  • All children aged 2 & 3 (not at school)
  • all children aged 3 years to 10 (but not 11 years or older) on 31 August 2020
  • All those aged 6 months and over who have one of the following medical conditions:
    • Chronic respiratory disease
    • Chronic heart disease
    • Chronic kidney disease
    • Chronic liver disease
    • Chronic neurological condition
    • Diabetes
    • A weakened immune system, either due to a condition or treatment (and those living in the same household)
  • those in long-stay residential care homes
  • carers
  • any household member or close contacts of shielded (COVID-19 patients)  and immunocompromised individuals
  • health and social care staff employed by a registered residential care/nursing home, registered domiciliary care provider or a voluntary managed hospice provider

Expanded list due to COVID-19 (Announced 24th July) PLEASE DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLU JAB YET

  • all patients aged between 50-64 years

Orders for supplies are usually ordered by practices a year in advance with vaccine supplies being scheduled to be delivered from September to November. A proportion of our vaccine supplies is scheduled to be delivered by mid-September and the rest by mid-October however dates have not been confirmed by manufacturers as yet.

Additional supplies needed for flu jabs as a result of COVID-19 expanded list in 2020.

Portcullis Surgery has been actively trying to secure additional vaccine supplies since May, even before the expanded list was  announced and have so far been unable to secure additional vaccine supplies despite our best efforts. We will continue to seek assurance of provision of these additional supplies from the manufacturers,  from the CCG and from NHS England.

We have no confirmation yet of when we will receive additional flu supplies for patients in the expanded cohort.

Types of Flu Vaccines

Children aged 6 months to 2 years who are high risk and eligible are offered an injected flu vaccine (as a nasal spray is not licenced for children under 2).

Children aged 2-17 are offered a live attenuated Quadrivalent vaccine as a nasal spray.

Eligible adults 18 to 64 years are offered a Quadrivalent vaccine grown in either eggs or cells.

Eligible adults aged 65 year and over are offered a Trivalent vaccine grown in eggs or cell grown quadrivalent vaccine



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