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Information regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine

In this page we will set out all the information we have regarding the Covid-19 vaccines.

This information has been updated on 15/1/2021

We are delighted to announce that the South-West PCN under the leadership of Dr Finola Lynch and with the support of the CCG has now agreed to sign the national contract for the national COVID vaccination programme so the Covid-19 campaign is now under the control and leadership of the Southwest PCN with support from the CCG.
This programme has already begun with Care Homes in Ludlow and surrounding areas.

Portcullis would have preferred the local GPs and the PCN to have been at the lead since December when the campaign started however we are relieved and delighted that the SWPCN has now agreed to take on the lead role instead of the CCG.

The Oxford/Astra Zeneca has now been approved which is very welcome news as this vaccine can be stored in normal fridges for upto 6months and can be managed by individual practices in a similar manner to the annual influenza vaccine.
The practice will continue to make enquiries with the CCG, PCN and the BMA regarding the possibility of this vaccine being made available to individual practices such as Portcullis and we are hopeful this will be possible very soon.

GPs will also be providing clinical care to their patients as usual but may reduce routine clinical care at times to accommodate for participating in vaccine delivery as locums or volunteers. Depending on their capacity, they will be vaccinating in care homes, on home visits and helping ensure vaccination of each age group cohort is achieved in our area. Many pharmacies are also expected to deliver vaccinations.
All practices in this area will begin to work our way down through the cohorts as soon as vaccine becomes available.
At the moment we have no additional information to provide with regards to dates, times or how patients will be called but it is hoped that we will know more by next week.
We will pass on any additional information as we have it but would like to thank everyone for their patience.

Vaccinations will be also given at the following locations run by the CCG. It is anticipated that all will be operational before the end of January.

Vaccination Centres:

  • Telford
  • ​Shrewsbury (RSH) – currently operational

Local Vaccination Services:

  • Ludlow- information still awaited regarding a possible hub
  • Church Stretton-information still awaited regarding a possible hub
  • ​Bridgnorth – currently operational and run by Southeast PCN for SE PCN patients only.
  • Whitchurch
  • ​Market Drayton
  • Oswestry (RJAH) – currently operational and run by the CCG in partnership with the North Shropshire Primary Care Network and RJAH for N.Shropshire PCN patients only.

Other locations are being considered. The ambitions are to provide a vaccination site within 40 minutes travel time for everyone nationally and a shorter travel time in Shropshire. Arrangements for transport for those without a vehicle are being examined. If you are housebound or at risk from travel, a home visit will be provided.

Information about Shropshire CCG and PCNs can be found following this link:

Information about Shropshire CCG and PCNs can be found following this link:

As soon as the CCG offers us confirmation of vaccine supplies we will let you all know. Please do not call the practice or email us as our hands are tied and we feel equally frustrated by the slow start in this area however now that the SWPCN has agreed to sign the contract we hope things will speed up very soon.
Once we get given vaccine supplies our staff are committed to get the vaccine out to our patients as quickly as possible, working 7 days a week if needed, to ensure our patients are protected from this virus without any further delay.

For the latest update on the vaccine delivery follow the link below:

Covid Vaccine updates

For General information about vaccines and the evidence behind the two currently available vaccines in the UK please follow the links below:

Effectiveness and safety profile of COVID-19 vaccine-evidence so far

For frequent questions and answers about the vaccine follow the link below:

Frequently asked Questions and Answers about the Covid Vaccine

Our counsellors Andy Boddington and Tracey Huffer have prepared these additional questions and answers which were answered by a panel of experts.

Our panel is:

  • Dr Catherine Beanland, Portcullis Surgery
  • Dr Caron Morton, Station Drive Surgery
  • Rachel Robinson, Director of Public Health for Shropshire.

This article is based in information available on 8 January 2021.

Covid Watch: Your Covid Vaccination Questions Answered –by Counsellor Andy Boddington


Patient leaflets and consent forms on the Covid Vaccine see the links below:

General Patient leaflets and consent forms regarding Covid Vaccines

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