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New infection control procedures from 1st April 2022

Posted on March 30th, 2022

We still continue to require all staff and patients coming in to the practice to wear correct PPE which is a minimum of a surgical mask.
Ideally given the infectiousness of Omicron we would encourage the use of an FFP2 or FFP3 mask in both patients and staff.
Changes to free lateral tests from 1st April
We continue to offer routine face to face appointments aswell as telephone appointments at the practice. All book on the day emergency appointments are telephone first.
If a patient has symptoms that could be symptoms of Covid, they should cancel their appointment and rebook their appointment for another day, 10 days after their symptoms started, there is no need to test to confirm if they have Covid or not, just rebook the appointment if its not urgent.
Patients without Covid symptoms will not be asked to do a lateral test prior to a routine booked appointment at the practice, but are encouraged to so do prior to any appointment at the practice if they can at their own cost in order to safeguard other vulnerable patients in the waiting room.
In an emergency if a patient with Covid symptoms needs urgent advice, they will be phoned first by a clinician and if a face to face appointment is needed, they will be asked to do a lateral test before their appointment and seen in the hot room for an assessment.
We have been informed that patients are allowed to order tests on the government website FOR FREE prior to a GP appointment, so long as they have been requested by a clinician to do a lateral test in order to guide their treatment or diagnosis and they confirm this on the website.
Staff testing
We will continue to ask staff to rest on a weekly or twice weekly basis as usual. Any staff member that tests positive on a lateral test, will be required to work from home in order to protect our patients.
We are still running a booked clinic every Friday afternoon from 4-5pm for any patient who still needs a 1st, 2nd or booster Covid Vaccine as this is they best way to protect yourself and others from severe infection.

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