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New Patients


The area in red on the map below shows our practice catchment area for full registration. If you are a permanent resident in our catchment area, (or temporarily staying in an address in the area) you are welcome to register at the surgery.
Out of Area Registration-NEW!
Since 5th January 2015, all GP practices are able to register patients who live outside the practice area to provide full medical treatment with the exception of home visits if the patient is unable to attend the practice. We are now providing an extensive range of remote telephone and video consultations with GPs, ANPs, Nurses and Counsellors so even if you move to an address outside our catchment area or are currently living outside our catchment area so long as you live in Shropshire, and are willing to travel to our practice for your medical care, then you may still be able to register with us as an out of area registered patient. (Practically we will not normally accept requests from patients who live more than 20 miles away from our practice but these requests are decided on an individual basis by the partners and reviewed annually)
Students: If you are a student and plan to visit us for the majority of your medical needs during term holidays it may be preferable to remain registered with us. Our practice now provides remote telephone and video consultation so you can remain a patient with us even if you move out of area to go to University. You would be registered as an Out of Area Registration while you are in University. These requests are decided on an individual basis and reviewed annually.

Please check on the map below if you live in our catchment area for full registration:

(Patients who live outside this area: We will consider any address within Shropshire and Telford, ideally within 20 miles of the practice, for out of area registration, so long as you are willing to travel to the practice if needed for your medical care. (see below for application form))


To register with our practice, you will be asked to fill in a

  • REGISTRATION FORM which MUST include an original photo-identification, e.g. Passport, Photo Driving Licence . (Passport or Driver’s licence please. Ideally upload a photo straight away with this application or send it to us by email to portcullis.management@nhs.net. If you don’t have either of these IDs, please fill in the form and call us. If you are registering a child a copy of their birth certificate or a parents ID may be acceptable.)

You can also download the forms in the link below and print them off at home or collect them from the surgery.

If you have difficulty filling in forms you can ask to speak to our Secretaries who will be more than happy to help you fill in these forms.

STEP ONE: REGISTRATION FORM (Upload all your documents ONLINE including photo-ID)

STEP TWO: ONLY FOR REQUESTS FOR OUT OF AREA REGISTRATION (if you live outside our practice catchment area)

Registration Form

If your application is considered our practice will only register you without home visits if it is clinically appropriate and practical in your individual case. To request an out of hours registration please follow the following link:



We also recommend that you register for online ‘patient access’ to your records at the same time.

Please follow the link below to do this:

Online Access Registration

Once you are registered for online patient access you can access online appointment bookings, test results and order repeat prescriptions through the link here:


Named Accountable GP

Once you have registered you will be allocated a named GP, however you are still free to see the GP of your choice at anytime. Ideally we would encourage you to book with the same Dr for the same medical problem in order to better manage your care.

Temporary Residents

Anyone without a local GP needing to be seen in an emergency but not long-term (e.g. while on holiday or visiting relatives) can be seen as a temporary patient for ‘immediate and necessary treatment’.

They will need to fill out a short form for the information to be returned to their own Doctor.

You can download the form here

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to allow time for completion of the necessary forms.


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