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Thankyou Tea and Cake Wednesday 8th September 2021

Thankyou to all who attended Portcullis Surgery’s Thankyou Tea and Cake today. It was wonderful to see so many people who have helped us over the last 18 months.
Dr Catherine Beanland thanked all who attended and made the following speech which you can read below
Thankyou Speech by Dr Catherine Beanland, Senior partner at Portcullis Surgery
Ladies and Gentlemen, Thankyou so much, to all of you for attending this thankyou tea and cake.
The vaccination campaign has proved incredibly successful at reducing the threat of severe cases and deaths in our community. Our efforts are not over yet there will be an ongoing need for boosters and vigilance amongst the community. At Portcullis we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their extraordinary efforts over the last 18 months.
There are so many thank you messages that we want to express right now. It really feels like we have been all in this together in Ludlow and that the whole town made an incredible effort to look after each other. We’re really pleased to have this opportunity to share our thanks to all the amazing people of our town.
First of all, to all the frontline NHS staff at Ludlow Hospital who have cared for Covid positive patients throughout the pandemic. I remember a particularly difficult week where there were 14 positive patients on the ward and all the donning and doffing of PPE involved. I know many of the staff were worried constantly about infecting your family throughout the pandemic, thankyou all for your incredible strength in the face of adversity. The Friends of Ludlow Hospital are represented here today by Mr Peter and Mrs Gloria Corfield, thankyou for your ongoing support and fund-raising for the hospital.
To all the care workers working in care homes and in the care agencies, many of you actually self-isolated yourselves in the care homes and did not see your own families for many weeks, in order to protect you patients. It really takes a special kind of person to sacrifice themselves and their personal life in this manner. We have representatives from many of the Care homes as well as the agencies who work in Ludlow in this room, thankyou for all your work.
At the beginning of the pandemic, Ludlow came together very quickly and formed the incredible Pulling Together Ludlow team who worked together, many people volunteered for their first time in their lives in this extraordinary time. I especially want to thank all the team from Victoria Harris and Nicholas Young who sadly sent their apologies as they were unable to attend today as well as the incredible Hands Together and Pulling Together volunteers for all their amazing work during the lockdowns. A special mention goes to Mr Pete Gray who has supported and organised many of the volunteers at Hands Together Ludlow. Thankyou Pete we would like to give you a small token of my thanks and appreciation.
Many others supported all these efforts from the Town council and Shropshire council including Counsellors Andy Boddington, Viv Parry, Erica Garner and the Mayor Tim Gill, many of whom are here today.
We want to especially thank also Peter Donald from our patient group who continued to run the transport throughout the pandemic for our patients. Thankyou.
Our Co-Co volunteers continued to befriend and support lonely and isolated patients in our community with phone calls or socially distanced visits, this was so important to some of our isolated elderly patients who were so alone and isolated during the lockdowns. I especially want to thank at this point one of my staff Mrs Judith Sharrod who worked non-stop coordinating the volunteers and was seconded at one point to man the phone lines of Pulling Together. Judith thankyou for your work and dedication I have lost count of the number of extra hours you gave freely to help, we would like to give you a small token of my thanks and appreciation.
Later on many of the same volunteers and new ones continued to volunteer in the vaccination program at the various hubs in Ludlow as well as in Church Stretton. Day after day they stood in the rain and in the cold as well as in the boiling heat to enable us to do our job at the vaccination program. Without the volunteers the doctors and nurses could not have done their job, thankyou all for your unstinting help with the program.
One of these young volunteers Ben Willis impressed us so much that we ended up offering him an apprenticeship at the practice! What a pleasure it is work with young people who give freely of their time without any though of reward for the good of their community. I especially want to thank at this point my ex practice manager Mrs Annie Masters who came out of retirement in order to help us with the vaccination program. Thankyou we would like to give you a small token of my thanks and appreciation.
There are many others I could mention who have gone largely unnoticed, bin men, food delivery people, supermarket workers who continued to work throughout the pandemic at risk of their own health. I would like to mention the funeral directors in Ludlow, many of them present today, who have done an incredible job and continued to manage grieving families with the respect and care that they deserve. Thankyou for your dedication
We would like at this point to thank Mrs Trish Collier who has organised this whole event today and to the Scout volunteers who have helped us today with serving the drinks and cakes. Thankyou all of you for your work today.
Finally to my staff some of whom are here today, we would like to thankyou for giving up your weekends for weeks on end in order to get the job done and everyone vaccinated. Many of you have juggled with your work commitments as well as your family commitments, worked from home, brought your children to work at times. The work at the practice has been relentless and the additional complexity of the vaccine delivery has not been easy to manage. Thankyou all for your help and work.
Finally on a personal note, there is absolutely no way that neither I or the practice would have survived these last 18 months without the support and help from the practice manager Ms Rachel Shields. I came across this quote the other day
“Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.” By William Arthur Ward.
In my opinion you have broken records that are Olympic sized, thankyou so much for all your help, guidance and friendship in the last 18 months.

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