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We are a three Partner Practice which includes a team of 6 GPs, 1-2 trainee GPs, 3 ANPs and 2 nurses, caters for patients in Ludlow area. Please see our Practice information for more details.

Our partners.

Dr Catherine Beanland Partner MBBcH MRCGP DRCOG DCH Mondays Tuesday Thursdays and Fridays
Dr Beanland is our Senior and Business Partner and has worked in the practice since 2008. Her Special Interest are Family Planning, Gynaecology as well as Medical Education | She also carries out Minor Procedures such as Joint injections, Coil insertions and Nexplanon insertions.

Dr Poppy Hazeldine Partner Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Special interests: Women's Health, Palliative Care

Nurse Partner Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Partner ANP Joy Godding RGN Partner Specialist Practitioner BSc (Hons) Advanced Nurse Practitioner Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Advanced Nurse Practitioner(ANP) Diabetes and LTC

Assistant Doctors


At our GP surgery, we’re here to support you with your health. We know that lots of people make appointments to see a doctor, but we also have other people who can help. They work together with our doctors to find the best way to help you. These helpers include people like clinical pharmacists, social prescribers, nurses, physio’s and counsellors. Our receptionists may make an appointment for you with one of these clinicians.

If we think that somewhere else can help you, we’ll try to find the right place for you. This could mean that you might see someone in a different place, like an urgent care centre, a specially trained NHS optician or a community nurse. So, when you contact us – whether it’s online, in person, or on the phone – our team will find the most appropriate service or health professional to help you with your health concerns.

If you need advice on health matters please try and look up advice on the NHS website, or call 111 for advice https://www.nhs.uk/

Our Doctors and When They Work

Dr Dorian David Yarham MBChB DRCOG MRCGP Wednesday Thursday
Special Interest: Adults | Paediatrics | Obstetrics | Medical Student Teaching

Dr Alan Perks Tuesdays and Thursdays
Special interest, Geriatric medicine, Paeds, Minor surgery, Joint injections and Nexplanon contraception implants

Dr Jenny Hartley Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Dr Hartley trained as a doctor in the Army before leaving military service and joining the NHS in 2018. She has worked in Scotland and Hampshire before moving to Shropshire in 2022. She has a special interest in women’s health and sexual health but enjoys all aspects of general practice.

Nursing Team and Clinicians

Book with our Nurses
Many problems can be dealt with by our nurses 
Advanced Nurses: You can book an appt with our advanced nurses: Nurse Partner Joy Godding, Nurse Consultant Liz Starkie or Advanced Nurse Practitioner Amanda who can consult, diagnose and treat most medical conditions.
Nurses and HCA: If you have a problem with a minor illness such as a urine infection, tummy bug, sore throats, skin infections or need a dressing or a blood test please ask for an appointment with our NURSES Heidi and Jo and HCA Angie who often have appointments with shorter waiting times than Doctors or ANP/ACP.
Book with our Additional Staff
Counsellor Siri, for mental health support and counselling
Care Coordinator Judith for support with social care needs

Advanced Nurse Practitioner ANP Amanda Robinson RGN DIPHE Cert Diabetes Cert COPD Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays
Special Interest: Diabetes | COPD | Chronic Disease

Advanced Paramedic Sian Woods Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Special interest: Her main specialism is acute care but she also has an interest in frailty, promoting dignity and choice within end of life care.

Julie Shutt Nurse Practitioner RGN NDN Mondays and Tuesdays.
Minor illness. Special Interest in Asthma, women’s health and Hypertension.

Sister Joanne Gray Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Special Interest: Wound Care | Childhood Immunisations

Sister Heidi Morris Monday and Tuesday

Angie Runicles HCA Monday all day Tuesday Morning Wednesday Morning Thursday Morning Friday Morning
Healthcare Assistant

Carole Moreton Mondays

Judith Sharod GP Assistant/Care Coordinator Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
GP Assistant/Care Coordinator, GSF Admin Lead, Safeguarding Admin lead and Compassionate Communities Lead

Zoe Jennings-Smith Care Coordinator Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays
GP Assistant, Care Coordinator, Children's Safeguarding Admin Lead and Carers Group Lead

Siri Ahir Online Counsellor Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and some Fridays and Saturday mornings
Counsellor Foundation degree in counselling theory and practice at Staffordshire University Works Wednesday afternoons and evenings

Rosie Lancaster Face to face appointments Wednesdays UKCP trainee psychotherapist
UKCP trainee members are completing a training course with a UKCP-registered organisation, or are completing practice hours in order to become a member of a UKCP accrediting organisation.

Additional Staff provided by the Primary Care Network, or other trusts

Book with our Additional staff
You can book with our
Physiotherapist Steph, for muscular skeletal problems
Mental Health Practitioner, (currently vacant) for specialist mental health nurse support
Pharmacist Eden and Charlotte, for support and information about medication
Health Coach Elwyn, for support with lifestyle changes
Macmillan Care Coordinator, post currently vacant, for social care support if you are have cancer

Steph Palfrey Tuesdays at Portcullis Surgery or Ludlow Hospital
First contact Physiotherapist Wide variety of physiotherapy interests from pain management, sport injuries to post surgery rehabilitation.

Elwyn Jones Social Prescriber and Health Coach
Motivational lifestyle health coach

Charlotte Lynch Fridays at Portcullis Surgery
Pharmacist Charlotte is an experienced pharmacist with a special interest in Polypharmacy and Frailty reviews Safety of medications in Frail and elderly patients Opiods and Drugs of Addiction High Risk Medication Protocols/Shared Care Agreements Mental Health medication reviews

Eden Maxwell Fridays at Portcullis Surgery
Pharmacist Eden is a fully trained pharmacist but has limited experience in primary care she has a clinical interest in Mental Health, Cardiovascular Targets High Risk Medication Protocols/Shared Care Agreements and MSK/Opiods. She will be doing surgeries also for General Pharmacy Queries and Eclipse.

Management and Administration

You can ask to speak to our Drug Secretaries Sarah and Hayley, for queries about medications
You can ask to speak to our Secretaries Debbie, Sue and Chloe, for queries related to referrals

Rachel Wilding
Practice Manager

Becci Ashby
Deputy Manager Staff and Admin

Debbie Price

Sarah Johnson
Prescription Clerk (Drug Secretary)

Opening Times

  • Monday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    6.30-9.30pm Bookable in advance appointments only.Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Tuesday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    6.30-8pm Bookable in advance appointments only. Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Wednesday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    6.30-9.30pm Bookable in advance appointments only.Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Thursday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    6.30-8pm Bookable in advance appointments only.Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Friday
    08:30am to 06:00pm
    6.30-9.30pm One Friday a month Bookable in advance appointments only.Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Saturday
    9-5pm One Saturday a month Bookable in advance appointments only.Call 111 for advice OOH
  • Sunday
    Call 111 for advice OOH
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