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Healthcare Assistant Clinic: Ear Irrigation

Ear Irrigation clinics

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During the height of the COVID-19 emergency we had to cancel our ear irrigation clinics, we are sorry for any inconvenience. Our ear irrigation clinics will be restarting from Friday 31st July however all patients will need to book an initial telephone call with our nurses first so we can discuss your need for ear irrigation with you and discuss possible alternative treatments.

Portcullis Surgery is committed to providing best practice, high-quality medical care. Ear irrigation is no longer considered to be the 1st line treatment for the clearing of ear wax and thus is not recommended for routine use by NHS in General Practice.Your pharmacist can help with earwax build-up. They can give advice and suggest the treatment.

Potential Side Effects of Ear Irrigation you should be aware of before booking to have this procedure

Ear Irrigation can lead to

  • ear infections,
  • perforated ear drum and
  • tinnitus (persistent noise).
  • Irrigation should NOT be carried out in patients:
    • who are due to travel within the next 2 weeks on an airplane
    • have previously experienced complications following this procedure in the past
    • have a history of a middle ear infection in the last six weeks
    • have undergone ANY form of ear surgery (apart from grommets that have extruded at least 18 months previously and it is documented subsequently that the tympanic membrane is intact)
    • have an ear perforation
    • have a history of a mucous discharge in the past 12 months
    • have evidence of acute otitis externa with pain and tenderness of the pinna

If you still feel you would benefit from this service, you will need to book a telephone appointment with a nurse ideally Joanne or Heidi.  They will decide if you need to be seen to have a look inside your ears to check if they are blocked and might carry out some simple hearing tests before booking you in for an appointment to have your ears irrigated.

You will be asked to use olive oil or use and ear wax bulb syringe for 1-2 weeks if you have not done so already and given this useful leaflet with information that you can download on the link below:

Portcullis ear wax P-I-L

Waiting times for ear irrigation:

Please note we will always prioritise all patients who have been referred for an audiology appointment for hearing loss and will usually ask for a copy of your letter with an audiology appointment.

Therefore if you do not have an audiology appointment you may have to wait some weeks for the next available ear irrigation appointment.

Private Microsuction as an alternative to ear irrigation

We do not currently provide microsuction as it is not a treatment offered by the NHS for patients who have ear wax. However if anyone feels they would prefer microsuction and need urgent treatment, we suggest you contact Interhear in Shewsbury. Patients can call them directly on 0800 002 9503 and book in for microsuction or email them on the link below:


Microsuction removal treatment is a far more gentle procedure than other types of ear wax removal. It is also suitable for patients who are about to fly, are already hearing aid users, have previous ear drum damage or have impacted ear wax.

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