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Yellow Fever Vaccination

We are a registered yellow fever centre

Yellow fever (YF) is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. is a vaccine preventable viral infection transmitted predominantly by certain species of day biting mosquitoes.

It is prevalent in tropical & sub-tropical regions of Africa and Central & South America. Outbreaks have caused up to a 50% mortality rate. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends vaccination if travelling to risk areas. Some countries require a certificate of proof of vaccination in order to enter.

An International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) must be obtained from a registered yellow fever centre.

Vaccination Pricing

£70 Per dose (One dose must be given a minimum of 10 days before travelling to a high risk area)

£70 Per Course

Eligible patients 2-85 year olds travelling to a high risk area.

For Private patients (patients that are not registered with Portcullis the cost per dose will be £80 Course of 1, with an additional cost of £15 for a travel risk assessment if required)

How do you catch Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is a viral disease primarily transmitted through the bite of infected mosquitoes, particularly the Aedes aegypti species. The main ways in which yellow fever is transmitted include:

  1. Mosquito bites: When a person is bitten by an infected mosquito, the yellow fever virus can be transmitted into their bloodstream. Mosquitoes become infected by feeding on monkeys or humans who are carrying the virus.
  2. Human-to-human transmission: In rare cases, yellow fever can be transmitted directly from one infected person to another through close contact with blood or other body fluids. This type of transmission is more likely to occur during the later stages of the disease.

It’s important to note that yellow fever cannot be transmitted through casual contact, such as touching or kissing an infected person, or through respiratory droplets like coughing or sneezing.

Yellow fever is endemic in certain regions of Africa and South America, where it poses a higher risk. Travelers visiting or residing in these areas are more susceptible to contracting the disease. It is recommended that individuals traveling to endemic regions receive the yellow fever vaccine before their trip to reduce the risk of infection.

Preventive measures, such as using mosquito repellents, wearing protective clothing, and sleeping under bed nets in areas with mosquitoes, are essential in minimizing the risk of contracting yellow fever and other mosquito-borne diseases.

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