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Focus on Mental Health, Social Isolation and Lifestyle Changes: Our Practice Counsellors, Care Coordinator and Social Prescribing Advisor

Mental health problems can affect the way you think, feel and behave. Some mental health problems are described using words that are in everyday use, for example, ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’.

A mental health problem feels just as bad, or worse, than any other illness – only you cannot see it. It is important to remember that, if you have a mental health problem, it is not a sign of weakness. Most people experiencing a common mental health problem see their symptoms pass quite quickly. Symptoms may return from time to time but people are often able to manage them after the first experience. With more serious mental health problems, people also usually find a way of managing their condition. For many people, getting better does not mean going back to their previous life, but might mean making choices to live differently and having power over areas of life that seemed out of control before. Some people emerge from the experience feeling stronger and wiser having learnt more about themselves.

There is a range of support and treatment to help you and also information for your friends and family that might help them understand how you feel. If you are feeling low or isolated or you need help with any social or mental health problems or would like help with lifestyle changes you can do the following:


You can access a 24/7 urgent mental health access service number which has recently been updated to 0808 196 4501. This number is free to call on all networks and landlines to enable access to emergency mental health assistance.

For 24/7 Mental Health Access for Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, please call 0808 196 4501

There are also a number of helplines you can access, for more information follow the link below:

Self help information for patients with Mental Health Problems

For Mental Health problems in Children 

Follow the following link:

Mental Health and Counselling Services for Children and Young Adults


Appointments with our Mental Health Practitioners

You can book an appointment with our mental health practitioner Vicky Davies,
She will be offering appointments at Portcullis practice on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons.
Booking can be done by any clinician or any receptionist at the patients request
They must be 18 years and over, and not currently open or under the mental health team.
She is an experienced mental health nurse with a lot of experience in many areas of mental health including
-Adults 18 years and over
-older adults
-crisis management
-inpatient acute services
-secondary community care services
-eating disorders
-mother and baby mental health
She has been appointed and funded jointly by the South West PCN aswell as the Mental Health Trust. She will work across the PCN is to support patients with mental health needs.
Her role is designed to increase capacity in primary care by working alongside our nurses, ANPs, GPs and counsellor Siri Lewis to provide a first point of contact for patients. In many cases our clinicians will refer more complex cases for her review and assessment.
She will be on hand for patients to book in with her to give guidance, advice and treatment for patients with more complex and severe mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, bipolar disease, schizophrenia or personality disorders that are not currently open or under the care of a psychiatrist or mental health team.
Vicky will complete an assessment as part of her consultation. She can also provide low level psycho educational sessions and provide patients with a tool kit to help with their mental health. If counselling is needed she will signpost patients to either Siri Lewis our counsellor or other counselling options such as IAPT Adult Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme. She will also refer to the Mental health Team for more specialised help if needed.


Appointments with our Counsellor

You can book a telephone appointment with our counsellors Siri. There is no need to see a doctor or clinician beforehand. Simply call reception and ask for an appointment with a counsellor. The counselling service is open to all patients in South West Shropshire regardless of which practice you are registered with, if you are a Station Drive, Craven Arms, Clun, Church Stretton or Bishops Castle patient simply call the practice you are registered with and ask for an appointment with a counsellor and they will be able to book the appointment with Siri or Mary for you.

Information about our Practice Counsellor Siri Lewis

Siri Lewis

Siri Lewis is a fully trained counsellor specialised in young people and has a foundation degree in counselling theory and practice at Staffordshire University. She will be running a limited number of one-off 30min Counselling Assessment sessions specifically targeting young people (13-25yrs) These appointments can by booked at reception and will be on Monday and Wednesday afternoon and evenings.

Siri is hosting group counselling sessions on Saturdays, for more information on group counselling please follow the link below:

Group Counselling Sessions on Zoom



Appointments with our Care Coordinator- Judith Sharrod

You can book a telephone appointment with Judith our care coordinator to discuss any issues regarding care and social care you may have. There is no need to see a doctor or clinician beforehand. Simply call reception and ask for an appointment with a Judith. Judith has done fantastic work together with the volunteer group Pulling Together Ludlow launched in response to Covid-19 and she still continues to work closely with them. Judith can also offer a volunteer befriender to call or visit isolated people in the community. For more information please follow the link

Care Coordinator and Carers

Appointments with our Social Prescriber

Social Prescribing is a non-medical programme designed to help people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs.

This may include those who may be;

  • Wanting to change their lifestyle e.g. giving up smoking or losing weight
  • Social or mental health problems as a result of living with a longterm health condition

Katie Hanson is our Social Prescribing Advisor and she can support you to improve your health and wellbeing. She will spend time listening to your main concerns and help you to connect with further support, groups and activities that can help support you with your goals. Katie can offer her support for 3-6 months, helping you to develop an achievable plan that works for you. She is trained in Motivational Interviewing and has worked in various contexts supporting people to improve their lives.

Social Prescribing Advisor

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